I've recently acquired the hardware and material to do label casting using casting resin for pen blanks.  Below is the list of pen types that I'll have access to pour.  I've put some of the most popular towards the top of the list bolded.  If you have a special request for a label cast blank, please contact me here!  

Slimlines/Funlines/Trimlines (the 7mm tubes)

 PSI Bolt Action (30 Cal) BP Pen Kit 

Sierra Vista Pen Kit sold everywhere but known as:

  • Gatsby Twist BP Pen Kit found at PennState
  • Wall Street II Twist BP Pen Kit from Wood River and WoodCraft store

Sierra Twist BP Pen Kit

Apprentice Classica Twist BP Pen Kit

Artisan Aero pen Pen Kit

Elegant Beauty Twist BP Pen Kit

Lancer Twist Pen Kit

LaserLizes Liberty

Lever Action Pen Kit

Mesa Twist Pen Kit

Virage Twist Pen Kit

PSI Art Deco Twist Pen Kit 

PSI Magnum Twist Pen Kit

PSI Majestic Squire Twist Pen Kit

PSI Nouveau Sceptre Twist Pen Kit

PSI Gearshift Pen Kit

PSI Steampunk Pen Kit

PSI Diva Charm Pen Kit

Taylors Mirfield British Made Ares Pen Kit